Contract Disputes

Whether it is a blatant breach of contract, or a legitimate disagreement over interpretation, a sound strategy can limit the risk to your business.


Contracts are the life-blood of business. They can be written or oral, formal or informal. And they come in all shapes and sizes, including equipment leases, vendor agreements, purchase orders, master services agreements, licenses, and many more.

Sometimes parties end up disagreeing over what the terms of the contract mean, whether there has been full compliance with those terms, or even if a contract exists. Sometimes obligations under a contract are void or unenforceable under the law.

The time to address a potential contract dispute is as soon as it appears that there may be a problem. Litigation can often be avoided by early action. For example, clarifying a disputed point, or giving contractually required notice may “force the issue” before too much time and money has been spent, and while the parties still are eager to work together.

If a litigation is unavoidable, then following contractual requirements regarding dispute resolution is key. It is also important to make sure that the aggrieved party has, itself, fulfilled all of its obligations.

ASG Law can help address contract disputes, minimize their disruption, and if necessary, litigate them in court.